Photography Week Challenge

by Barbara Martin

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Sometimes we let a dare get away from us. Does that ever happen to you?  It happened to me (again) today.  As a result, I will be showing some photographs during the coming week as part of a creativity challenge. I hope you enjoy them.

If you’d like to show some photographs of your own, be my guest!  It seems to me that any creative or artistic adventure is more fun — and a lot less daunting or lonely — when done “in community” or at least shared with some kindred souls.

Richmond San Rafael Bridge aka John F McCarthy Memorial Bridge

Bridge view heading south on I-580


Narrow driveway

The way home!

The first photograph is the bridge we drove over/under outside San Francisco earlier today. The second photograph is the gate we drove through about a half an hour ago when we reached home in Los Angeles. 

My commitment to the photos project this week is to take them, resize and maybe crop them, and show them each day by midnight at the latest. Let’s see how this goes, shall we?

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