The Works as a Photography Challenge

by Barbara Martin

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As part of the ongoing photography challenge, I offer you my latest two throw-up-my-hands-what-do-I-do-with-this shots. These were taken inside an art museum (MOCA in Los Angeles), of an piece installed near the ceiling of a wide corridor, where the floor slopes like a gentle ramp, a passageway of sorts. When I walked through it, it made me woozy! So of course, I had to walk through it several times — including walking backwards. Captivating!

Der Werks, Pae White, 2010

Der Werks, by Pae White, 2010

The first view is peeking up through the strings. Here is another view so you can see the corridor. Notice the railing on the left sloping downward. I had to trim the edges and adjust the tilt rotation by a smidge to get the right hand wall straight up and down….

Der Werks, Pae White, 2010, MOCA

Another view of Der Werks by Pae White at MOCA

This reminds me a bit of the string art we used to do way back when with colored yarn and nails and a piece of plywood. But to walk along beneath it is extraordinary.

What do you think, does it look like the inside of a hotdog? Here’s what the card said:

Der Werks, 2010 Pae White

Der Werks deals with transitions: it marks the passage between spaces and textures, generations and approaches — all loosely processed through the matrix of an abstracted hot dog. Every space is a puzzle; it’s the contingencies of the puzzle that interest me. — Pae White

I think most any creative project is about the contingencies.

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