Review of Bridget’s Button Book by Bridget Pilloud

by Barbara Martin

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UPDATE As of March 2012, this book is no longer for sale. However it is on offer as a free promotional item at Bridget’s blog.Please check there for future developments.

(post revised accordingly) It’s rare for me to become an affiliate mention an e-book product because so much of what is offered on the interwebs seems subpar.  When I suggest you check something out, it’s because I honestly like it and suspect you might find it worthwhile and/or darnright useful and/or just plain enjoyable.  In this case, it’s a yes all ’round for Bridget’s Button Book. The author, Bridget Pilloud, and I have been twitter friends for a long time. I adore her sense of humor and her straightforwardness, her honesty. My only regret is I did not meet her in person while I was living in Portland.

So anyway, I have read her daily soul note emails off and on (she will send to you for free if you sign up) and sometimes I would think now who IS this Bridget Pilloud lady, because it seemed like she was literally in my head. Luckily, she speaks gently and with enough smarts and humor (and brevity!) that I didn’t mind. She often puts a twist on a thought that surprises me, sometimes to the good and sometimes to my consternation and sometimes it makes me laugh out loud. Other days I just think to myself, Whaaah?!?

Bridget’s Button Book is sort of like that, only better. It is a careful selection of deftly crafted yet utterly personal writing and it is bound to shift your perspective in any number of unexpected ways.

The basic concept behind this sneakily clever (or should that be cheek-ily clever) little booklet of wisdom is campaign-style pin-on buttons with slogans on them. The book is designed so you can print out your favorite button images, or make actual pin-on buttons from them, or possibly be inspired to use the included templates to make up your own.  I admit I thought that was silly — my life is not a slogan (!) — until I read it. Then I found an essay or two (actually several) that spoke to me in such a way that I could conceivably want to remember what Bridget wrote in her quiet, clear way. The little button format slogans are apt reminders of her brilliantly incisive take-aways.

All of which is to suggest you might want a copy to savor, and so you can play around and make your very own wearable or stickable buttons or bookmarks or coasters-laminated-with-clear-packing-tape or whatever.

I am secretly hoping she will indulge my desire for mini-sized bumperstickers! Bridget, are you listening?!

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