Finding a Creative Community

by Barbara Martin

in Try This

There is something magical that happens when artists get together in a friendly group and make art, but I am not exactly sure what it is. It might be synergy; it might be the proverbial mutual admiration society at work; it might be the fun of seeing what everyone is doing; it might be the relief of feeling  it’s-okay-to-relax-because-they-will-understand-how-I-can-be-so-excited-about-this-(insane)-new-project; it might be the simple act of meeting together in real life doing  an activity we all enjoy — good times!

 Do you know what it is? Could it be as simple and yet as complex as  appreciating and participating  in a community? 

What ever ” it”  is,  I hope you are finding some “community” and support for what you do. For example, I am enjoying being part of a group of  artists exploring the concept and reality of community supported art — and preparing for a group show in September.

Besides in real life, there are fun opportunities to “join in” with other artists on the internet. At the risk of becoming a challenge junkie, I am participating in another secret color challenge with Jordan Hill (aka @JellyBeansII on Twitter) of The Creative Artist

 Three pieces, ten days time, all to be revealed on July 16th.  We  have added a cool new twist for this iteration and I am curious to see how it works out.   Oh the suspense!

and ps if you want in, let me know. :)


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yesnomayB October 4, 2013 at 8:12 am

I will work on this. I will have to structure some time on the weekends to join some groups to meet people with the same kind of interest, as my work environment is not really the place to express my type of creativity. I feel that I have to live and show two parts of myself. One side has to be very conservative for stability of income during the week, and then I need to switch gears to be a creative on the side.

I suppose most creative people feel this way in one manner or another if they are forced to work a 9-5 kind of job. I am certainly not the only one — so no pity-party. We all know that there are many more serious things going on in the world as well, so prioritizing our resources and energies is important.

I take care of my mom so I cannot be the starving artist type. I hope to soon change gears and work in an environment that can enhance my artistic expressions in the near future (3-5 years) after I have laid down the foundation to do so.

Connecting and networking with other creatives will be key, a lifeline to keep going, because it can often feel like a slow death not being able to create as I wish.

Thank you for your blog and your inspirational words, I will take them to heart.


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