Today I took my Wreck this Journal journal to the park for an outing, a little fresh air, some sunshine. Then I burned it up. A bit overdone, perhaps, but tasty! HEY WRECK STARS! KEEP ON WRECKING!!!!

Wreck this Journal game: week 6 (or 7), how it played out. That “let it go” page has been bothering me for weeks so today I decided this would be “The Day I Lose It” no matter what. In mid-afternoon I left it inside a local freebie newsprint magazine that I found on the coffee […]

The instruction was: cover this page with white things. So I did. (This is week 5 or 6 of the Wreck this Journal game, depending on who’s counting.) White paper textures. White lettering. “SMILE” and white-on-color logos. White slippers. A newsprint map to White’s. The whites of an eye. Toilet paper roll – plush white. […]

Here’s the latest update in the ongoing saga of our Wreck this Journal game. (#WTJ) Last Thursday afternoon: mailed book to self. Deep breaths. Friday noon: BOOK IN MAILBOX! Stamps not cancelled, no postmark, in fact not a single new mark on it! Must have been hand carried with kid glove treatment. I toss it […]

In which we embark upon a new stage of the journey, this week’s #WTJ post being installment three or four depending who is counting the progress of our multi-player game involving the book, Wreck this Journal. Wherein, having duly swaddled the book in miles of strapping tape and applied a ragtag assortment of postage stamps […]

Kitty and I blithely sloshed, dripped, and finally dumped coffee dregs on the book, driving the resident-home-for-the-summer-college-know-it-all to raise an eyebrow: “That’s sure not something you see every day!” Truth or Consequences/TMI? I’ve been using the book as a handy coaster all week. One day I kind of missed and splashed doused the keyboard a […]

First week of Wreck this Journal. I’m amazed to find myself tempted to write in it rather than wreck it. For me, a blank journal usually sits empty and forlorn and lost and neglected; I hate the blank pages! So maybe the suggestive pre-entries have warmed it up for my writing urges? For the first […]

For the next few weeks I am playing Wreck this Journal on the interwebz. I gather it might be fun, maybe interesting, maybe even a bit reckless. Dunno about that, how much trouble can you get into with a paperback book? Anyhoo. You are welcome to play! All you need is a copy of the […]