Perfectionism is such a fabulous trap. It sounds so lofty and pure and worthy to insist on our creative work being perfect. But aiming for perfection means there is always some aspect yet to be fixed, yet another detail to improve, tweak, polish, fine-tune, finesse… This obsessive mindset or standard or expectation means that the […]

There are all kinds of tips and tricks for getting through a writer’s block. Mostly, I ignore them and procrastinate instead. But here’s a technique I do recommend, a no-pressure method to ease into writing. It’s especially helpful if you have a deadline and aren’t quote unquote in the mood to write, or you are […]

There are lots of different tips and tricks for getting past writer’s block. Sometimes there is something to be said for getting down and dirty, as in do whatever it takes to get that puppy done NOW. Or at least get it started, get something on the page. So here’s where a free service like […]