Finding a Creative Community

by Barbara Martin

in Try This

There is something magical that happens when artists get together in a friendly group and make art, but I am not exactly sure what it is. It might be synergy; it might be the proverbial mutual admiration society at work; it might be the fun of seeing what everyone is doing; it might be the relief of feeling […]

This week’s photography challenge is killing my urge to take photographs: give me reason to rebel and I’m all over it!  On the other hand, my collage muscle cranked into gear and took off like a shot this morning.  Not that I am complaining, mind you. I think any creative endeavor is worthwhile and it all […]

So it’s #FF (follow friday) time on Twitter and I am missing Los Angeles — city of creativity crack — so much this week. Twitter is the closest thing I’ve found to not being there. Living in and traversing LA — that city or county or MSA or sprawled out metropolis or crazy place or […]

Creating in the middle of things is admittedly not easy and often difficult, fraught with all kinds of risks and fears and do-ability issues. If “Just do it NOW!” doesn’t push you to take action, then you may need to work on some strategies to help yourself get moving. In Coaching the Artist Within, creativity […]

According to Julia Cameron, we need to take the pain of artistic losses or failures and ask: “How does this loss serve me? Where does it point my work?” What if you could turn that pain into creative energy to recover and keep moving forward? What if you could use a painful creative loss to […]

Get Into Creative Flow

by Barbara Martin

in How to Tips

Author and creativity expert Julia Cameron explains that creating should not be a difficult process of thinking something up; instead it is a way of “getting something down” and doing so without strain. Some people might call this being in a state of creative flow. Plumbing the Deep Well of Creativity Instead of thinking desperately […]

In chapter five of the landmark creativity book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, Julia Cameron discusses some unexpected reasons for how and why creative people stay blocked or stuck. For example, we may unintentionally limit what we can achieve by ruling out an idea as crazy or impossible — when in […]

Small business grant project from Intuit. Share your story (with a lesson for small business) and win … lots of requirements — including video in step 2 — but maybe interesting because creativity comes into the scoring! Check it out.

Julia Cameron is a firm proponent of Synchronicity and she discusses it at length in the third chapter of her creativity book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, in the context of a creative person recovering a sense of power. According to Cameron, synchronicity is a source of power whether you believe […]