This week’s photography challenge is killing my urge to take photographs: give me reason to rebel and I’m all over it!  On the other hand, my collage muscle cranked into gear and took off like a shot this morning.  Not that I am complaining, mind you. I think any creative endeavor is worthwhile and it all […]

Faith and the Artists Way

by Barbara Martin

in Creativity

In the twelfth and final week of The Artist’s Way, author Julia Cameron reiterates the importance of using the two “tools” — the weekly recreational inner artist and soul-feeding Artist Date and the daily routine of meditational Morning Pages – as prescribed in the book. She also emphasizes the “inherently mysterious spiritual heart of creativity” […]

Just for a little Friday fun, take a look at these fantabulous images of the vertical spiral of the Helix Hotel on the Persian Gulf in where but Abu Dhabi. The description of how the sun, wind and ocean water interact with the building by design (Leeser Architects) is interesting, too. I love the 4th […]

Fab photos of the British National Wildflower Center show its new Fibonacci spiral inspired visitor center addition designed by Ian Simpson Architects. The spiral is evident from the overhead view, but otherwise it looks like a mushroom cap with red polka dots. Just sayin’. Enjoy!