Walking to Infinity

by Barbara Martin

in Try This

I’ve mentioned how I “pace” by walking in a pattern to trace out the shape of a figure 8. I do it to relax and settle my mind when puzzling through a knotty problem or when I begin to panic am scrambling for last-minute inspiration on a deadline. Turn it on its side and this […]

Get this week’s all new “free, quick and easy” creativity tip now! I just updated the tip line with this week’s creativity experiment and I hope you will listen to it. It introduces a simple yet surprisingly powerful creativity-boosting game you can play alone or with friends. As always, no special tools or equipment needed […]

UPDATE As of March 2012, this book is no longer for sale. However it is on offer as a free promotional item at Bridget’s blog.Please check there for future developments. (post revised accordingly) It’s rare for me to become an affiliate mention an e-book product because so much of what is offered on the interwebs seems subpar.  When I […]

Creality Strikes

by Barbara Martin

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Have you ever worked on a creative project only to have it fall short in the execution stage? Of course, we all do!  Well, now we have a formal term and a scientific measurement scale for judging that kind of outcome: creality.  Best of all, the creality scale is not relegated to the negative end of […]

Today I found a half emptied sack of colorful Easter candy stuffed willy-nilly in the back of a kitchen drawer along with a vast quantity of spilled catnip, a set of batteries, some elastic bands and who knows what else. Do you have a drawer like that? I thought of the fish plate while delicately […]

Today I took my Wreck this Journal journal to the park for an outing, a little fresh air, some sunshine. Then I burned it up. A bit overdone, perhaps, but tasty! HEY WRECK STARS! KEEP ON WRECKING!!!!

Wreck this Journal game: week 6 (or 7), how it played out. That “let it go” page has been bothering me for weeks so today I decided this would be “The Day I Lose It” no matter what. In mid-afternoon I left it inside a local freebie newsprint magazine that I found on the coffee […]

So it’s #FF (follow friday) time on Twitter and I am missing Los Angeles — city of creativity crack — so much this week. Twitter is the closest thing I’ve found to not being there. Living in and traversing LA — that city or county or MSA or sprawled out metropolis or crazy place or […]

Scriptfrenzy starts April first! You MUST do it! It’s free! Disclosure: Although I have yet to try this particular form of insanity, I heartily recommend it if you have ever felt the urge to write a script. Here’s the scoop. I base my recommendation on having done Nanowrimo — Nanowrimo happens every November. One year […]

Creative Quotes

by Barbara Martin

in Creative Juice

Just when you think you have seen or read just about everything, along comes a TGIF “special” with attitude. And an abundance of creatively emphatic quotes. Enjoy!