“Filling the form” means to respect the creative process by making the commitment each day to take the next required step, and then the next step after that. We simply make small changes and take small actions right now where we are, with what we have available, to ultimately shift the trajectory of our creative […]

According to Julia Cameron, we need to take the pain of artistic losses or failures and ask: “How does this loss serve me? Where does it point my work?” What if you could turn that pain into creative energy to recover and keep moving forward? What if you could use a painful creative loss to […]

Not doing your Artist’s Way Morning Pages by hand? It’s surprising how many of us really resist this directive. Doing the daily pages and writing them out by hand is an important part of the process. Author and teacher Julia Cameron gives all sorts of reasons why, but for me the critical aspect is that […]

There are all kinds of tips and tricks for getting through a writer’s block. Mostly, I ignore them and procrastinate instead. But here’s a technique I do recommend, a no-pressure method to ease into writing. It’s especially helpful if you have a deadline and aren’t quote unquote in the mood to write, or you are […]

Reading deprivation is the infamous main event during Week 4 of The Artist’s Way program, based on the iconic book by Julia Cameron. The thing about reading and other similar inputs we add to fill up our lives — such as internet browsing, on-line media consumption, listening to talk radio, mindless television viewing, overly long, […]

There are lots of different tips and tricks for getting past writer’s block. Sometimes there is something to be said for getting down and dirty, as in do whatever it takes to get that puppy done NOW. Or at least get it started, get something on the page. So here’s where a free service like […]

It’s inauguration day so we are all on national holiday and celebrating hope and change. This is exciting. Seems like a new beginning in so many ways! Congratulations to our new President Obama! Since today is also a Tuesay, I want to ask you something a little less uplifting: Do you just sort of hope […]