A few weeks ago I suggested making small changes to your daily life to help your brain practice thinking in new ways. You can open your mind to new thought patterns by purposely setting yourself up to adapt to change. How did you do? (Here’s the list of suggested mind expanding changes.) Did it put […]

Do you think clutter provides a richly stimulating environment for creativity or does it cause confusion in your mind? Some people insist that a neat and tidy environment is a prerequisite for getting down to productive work. I’m not so sure. Neat and Tidy is Productive In her MyAmericanArtist.com blog post Clutter Causes Confusion, Lori […]

Listed below are a few deceptively simple ways to implement small incremental changes to help you become accustomed to generating fresh thought patterns and building creative momentum. Changing routine habits helps develop and strengthen your creativity “muscle”. As your mind becomes accustomed to processing change and filtering experiences through different perspectives, it also becomes increasingly […]

Creative people, people in the arts, and people who live a passion-driven life of making meaning can all benefit from the following guidelines to living as enumerated by Eric Maisel in his self-improvement creativity manual, Coaching the Artist Within. Know your game – your creative field, how it works, what is expected, and how to […]

Wreck this Journal game: week 6 (or 7), how it played out. That “let it go” page has been bothering me for weeks so today I decided this would be “The Day I Lose It” no matter what. In mid-afternoon I left it inside a local freebie newsprint magazine that I found on the coffee […]

Do you have a well stocked creativity kit within easy reach? In his self-coaching manual Coaching the Artist Within, psychologist and creativity expert Eric Maisel recommends you keep a special collection of organizational and management tools together in a box or in a handy spot. Doing so will help you stay organized and productively on […]

So it’s #FF (follow friday) time on Twitter and I am missing Los Angeles — city of creativity crack — so much this week. Twitter is the closest thing I’ve found to not being there. Living in and traversing LA — that city or county or MSA or sprawled out metropolis or crazy place or […]

Although many artists, writers and other creative types talk about “the creative process” as though there is only one, we can actually work with a goal-less process or with a goal-oriented process. Eric Maisel highlights this critical distinction in his creativity manual, Coaching the Artist Within. Working without a goal is way easier. It’s also […]

Are you committed to the process of making art, or are you one of those creative types who, as Eric Maisel describes in Coaching the Artist Within, would much rather imagine that other (lucky!) people’s creative projects finish themselves joyfully and magically by effortless genius while you, meanwhile, refuse to get out of bed? Dilemma: […]

First week of Wreck this Journal. I’m amazed to find myself tempted to write in it rather than wreck it. For me, a blank journal usually sits empty and forlorn and lost and neglected; I hate the blank pages! So maybe the suggestive pre-entries have warmed it up for my writing urges? For the first […]