There’s a newly published little book on creativity by Hugh MacLeod that I think you should read. Why? Try a sample of vintage Hugh from his CDF (Crazy Deranged Fools) newsletter, dated today. He starts out by addressing us as dear crazy deranged fools, and I love that. MacLeod (aka @gapingvoid) writes: “Here’s the reality: […]

In Coaching the Artist Within, creativity expert Eric Maisel discusses the mental energy required to create. Unlike physical energy which is based on food/sleep inputs, mental energy depends on your interest, passion, desire, concern – the intensity you apply to creating. Your mental energy is depleted by mental activity, including creating – and not creating! […]

“Filling the form” means to respect the creative process by making the commitment each day to take the next required step, and then the next step after that. We simply make small changes and take small actions right now where we are, with what we have available, to ultimately shift the trajectory of our creative […]

Reading deprivation is the infamous main event during Week 4 of The Artist’s Way program, based on the iconic book by Julia Cameron. The thing about reading and other similar inputs we add to fill up our lives — such as internet browsing, on-line media consumption, listening to talk radio, mindless television viewing, overly long, […]

How to Create Every Day

by Barbara Martin

in How to Tips

Athletes must practice regularly to keep fit. Similarly, creative people need to use their creativity to keep their inspiration flowing and maintain their skills. It’s also true that creative projects require not just inspiration and skill, but also time on task. There’s no getting around it: an idea no matter how brilliant is nothing more […]

Give Your Creative Self a Boost! What’s your most important creative New Year’s Resolution? If you’ve been thinking about adding more creativity to your life, or are a creative type hoping to be more inventive, innovative and creative than ever this year, or if you are an artist, writer, musician or actor and want to […]