Here’s the latest update in the ongoing saga of our Wreck this Journal game. (#WTJ) Last Thursday afternoon: mailed book to self. Deep breaths. Friday noon: BOOK IN MAILBOX! Stamps not cancelled, no postmark, in fact not a single new mark on it! Must have been hand carried with kid glove treatment. I toss it […]

In which we embark upon a new stage of the journey, this week’s #WTJ post being installment three or four depending who is counting the progress of our multi-player game involving the book, Wreck this Journal. Wherein, having duly swaddled the book in miles of strapping tape and applied a ragtag assortment of postage stamps […]

Kitty and I blithely sloshed, dripped, and finally dumped coffee dregs on the book, driving the resident-home-for-the-summer-college-know-it-all to raise an eyebrow: “That’s sure not something you see every day!” Truth or Consequences/TMI? I’ve been using the book as a handy coaster all week. One day I kind of missed and splashed doused the keyboard a […]

There’s a newly published little book on creativity by Hugh MacLeod that I think you should read. Why? Try a sample of vintage Hugh from his CDF (Crazy Deranged Fools) newsletter, dated today. He starts out by addressing us as dear crazy deranged fools, and I love that. MacLeod (aka @gapingvoid) writes: “Here’s the reality: […]

First week of Wreck this Journal. I’m amazed to find myself tempted to write in it rather than wreck it. For me, a blank journal usually sits empty and forlorn and lost and neglected; I hate the blank pages! So maybe the suggestive pre-entries have warmed it up for my writing urges? For the first […]

For the next few weeks I am playing Wreck this Journal on the interwebz. I gather it might be fun, maybe interesting, maybe even a bit reckless. Dunno about that, how much trouble can you get into with a paperback book? Anyhoo. You are welcome to play! All you need is a copy of the […]

Here I am not moving any faster than the slowest part of myself. This is awfully slow, lately. Speaking as a Type A person. But as a recovering blocked creative, if I ask myself why so slow off the mark, I find many answers. The main one lately is lack of direction no, clarity no […]

About The Artist’s Way

by Barbara Martin

in Creativity

Here is a summary listing of posts I have written here at Reptitude specifically related to The Artist’s Way, meaning the book and the creativity study program. The posts generally follow the same order of topics as they are mentioned in Julia Cameron’s famous creativity manual, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. […]

Over the past few months I have written a number of posts related to The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. This creativity manual or “Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self” is effective for an individual using it alone, reading it by yourself and reflecting on each chapter. […]