Day 6 of the weeklong photography challenge and I am happy to report that I seem to have hit a groove this evening. This might have happened because today was in essence an all-day Artist Date. (An Artist Date, as discussed in  creativity expert Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way,  is a weekly date with yourself […]

Just came across a quick but high performance interview piece with creativity expert Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way . She explains “how she does it” and offers an overview of her techniques for unlocking creativity and tips for overcoming some common blocks or obstacles. Check out this Success Magazine article for highlights including […]

Over the past few months I have written a number of posts related to The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. This creativity manual or “Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self” is effective for an individual using it alone, reading it by yourself and reflecting on each chapter. […]

Are you guilty of work abuse? In Week 10 of The Artist’s Way creativity program, Julia Cameron asks us to consider whether we might be workaholics. While forward progress requires steady work, there is an emotional difference between that and being a work addict. Addicted to Work or Just Busy? There is a difference between […]

Apparently the powers that be have named April National Poetry Month. The nice helpful elves over at The New York Times put together a nifty cheat sheet to help us get our poetry on. The catch is, at least to my mind, that every one of these quick poetry tips and starters depends on you […]

Creative U Turn

by Barbara Martin

in Creativity

Each time I’ve come through The Artist’s Way Chapter 8, I find myself on the verge of precisely what author Julia Cameron addresses in Chapter 9: making a dastardly Creative U-Turn. It’s likely you’ll find yourself in the same risky situation because it’s not unusual! The Artist’s Way Process The ninth chapter of this powerful […]

According to Julia Cameron, many creative people spend years mislabeling themselves. When we do not create the way we think we should, we label ourselves lazy when in fact we are blocked by fear. The way past fear, asserts Cameron, is through love for your inner artist. Your inner artist is like a child in […]

Get Into Creative Flow

by Barbara Martin

in How to Tips

Author and creativity expert Julia Cameron explains that creating should not be a difficult process of thinking something up; instead it is a way of “getting something down” and doing so without strain. Some people might call this being in a state of creative flow. Plumbing the Deep Well of Creativity Instead of thinking desperately […]

In my post describing the Artist’s Way Morning Pages, I mentioned Julia Cameron also prescribes a second creativity tool, a companion to the morning pages, in her remarkable book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Creativity. Where the morning pages are a way of expressing yourself and getting focus, this second tool is a […]