The more I read and experience and observe creative people, the more I notice how we get in our own way and limit our creativity by imposing rules about the conditions we require in order to create. We might be convinced we can only create using specific tools or in a certain setting or […]

Creative people who wish to create consistently face a double challenge: the challenge of following their dream while also facing a potentially harsh reality and bringing their work to life. Eric Maisel, creativity expert and author of Coaching the Artist Within, highlights the importance of maintaining a focused equilibrium between these two aspects of living […]

According to Eric Maisel, psychologist, creativity expert and author of Coaching the Artist Within, the antidote to self-sabotaging negative self-talk is training yourself to stop the wrong-thinking and start thinking right. In other words, he recommends replacing block-inducing anxious self-talk with affirmations. You may be familiar with affirmations from other creativity books such as Julia […]

Throughout The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron stresses how blocked creatives tend to be stuck in our own heads, and how the antidote to blocking is to take action. To keep moving, to embody the spirit of “Create or Die” is a strong statement, but I think it is true for creative people. There is an […]

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron points out that creativity is a full bodied, sensual experience to be celebrated. Heightening or intensifying the physical effects of your immediate environment to enrich the sensory experience will help honor, affirm and trigger your creativity. Your Creativity is Worthy of a Special Place Setting aside a specific room […]

What do shame and creativity have in common? Possibly lots. In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron ties the two together in many ways and offers methods for artists to use to cope with shame and learn to deal with criticism. Shameful Secrets, Darker Thoughts Making art can be a form of secret telling, […]

In my last post I talked about how negative stereotypes and beliefs can lead to those dreaded creative blocks and how awareness can help to limit the fear we feel about creating. Another terrific weapon in your arsenal against creative blocking is to use affirmations. More Creativity Tips from Julia Cameron Julia Cameron, author of […]