Random Find Fish Eggs

by Barbara Martin

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"Caviar" a la Maison

Caviar a la Maison

Today I found a half emptied sack of colorful Easter candy stuffed willy-nilly in the back of a kitchen drawer along with a vast quantity of spilled catnip, a set of batteries, some elastic bands and who knows what else. Do you have a drawer like that?

I thought of the fish plate while delicately blowing the catnip flakes off of the gorgelicious candy. (Do I tell the resident sweet-toothed hordes where I found the candy?)(Do cats get sick from eating catnip-infused, stale, malted candies — or is the critter be too smart to eat it?)(Do other people find things like this often?)

Do random associations spark creative ideas for you?

Living in a rich environment with random and unexpected juxtapositions helps jump start creativity by breaking our ordinary daily thought patterns. What oddity did you find today?

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Pace July 29, 2009 at 10:09 pm

That fish candy bowl reminds me of a fish bowl that I have, which reminds me of the fish dishwasher magnet, which makes me think about a thousand-dollar magnetic system to make water twice as wet. Why not just drink twice as much water?

Leah July 30, 2009 at 8:47 am

I love making associations and connections like that. It definitely sparks my creativity! Love the fish eggs! :-) So, is that sort of like a bowl of caviar? hehe

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