Parse the Twitter Random

by Barbara Martin

in Creative Juice, Random

So it’s #FF (follow friday) time on Twitter and I am missing Los Angeles — city of creativity crack — so much this week. Twitter is the closest thing I’ve found to not being there.

Living in and traversing LA — that city or county or MSA or sprawled out metropolis or crazy place or whatever you want to call it is an immersion in the world of the random. It’s creativity crack. Say what?

To illustrate the concept: This morning in my inbox was Dustin Wax at Stepcase Lifehack telling me to “Get Random!” Well fine, love-love-love- that! (I spend a lot of time in Random-land.) I try to pull myself into the normal workaday world as best I can and fail perfectly most of the time. But the spirit of Get Random! is absolutely the essence of creative juice. Read it.

Next thing up on my plate is a new follower on Twitter, the gravatar is a pair of awesome black high heeled shoes. This image distracts me, I love shoes even though I have extremely wide and blister prone toes. People use the craziest (and the most boring) avatars. Why? (See mine, I am @Reptitude)

Now I’m Twitter alerted toward Michael Cannell at Fast Company asking if I could live in a suburban office park redone as lofts. Well prolly, yes, since it has an atrium and the overhead visual is awesome. Doesn’t hurt either that Saarinen designed it. Flipside, I think it’s in rural New Jersey? Take a look!

I hope you have had some coffee ’cause you’re gonna need it to stay on top of this thought train. Or maybe not because this is an eye-opening piece on perception, Sensory Amnesia. My Twitter friend Franis Engel (Alexander Technique — Learning Effortlessness) wrote it and it startled me.

All in all, a pretty good randomized spurt!

What’s your best hit from random-land today?

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