Wimpy, Old Friend, Is that You

by Barbara Martin

in Motivation & Inspiration

It’s inauguration day so we are all on national holiday and celebrating hope and change. This is exciting. Seems like a new beginning in so many ways! Congratulations to our new President Obama!

Since today is also a Tuesay, I want to ask you something a little less uplifting: Do you just sort of hope for change and then play Wimpy — Popeye the Sailor Man’s old moocher buddy — with your creative self? As in, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today. ”

What I’m talking about is this self sabotaging method we have of putting off our creative work, giving ourselves a pass, instead of hunkering down and doing the work right now, today. That is what I would call the Wimpy syndrome form of writer’s block or any other creative block.

If you reckon you’ll get to it later, someday soon, and don’t do it today… truthfully now, when will you do it? Seems like pay-up Tuesday never comes, and we kinda know that when we put it off and make that little mental deal with ourselves! Maybe our old friend Wimpy is protecting us from …. putting ourself out there in the creative sense. What does Wimpy protect you from?

But we know we don’t get the time back. And we also know it takes action to make a creative idea into reality. And so not acting feels rotten, deep down inside. So ask yourself, am I able to write (paint, act, take photographs, compose, sing, fill in your creativity mode of choice) today? (You can find any number of reasons why not to do it today here.) If not now, when?

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