Self Limiting Beliefs

by Barbara Martin

in Motivation & Inspiration

In chapter five of the landmark creativity book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, Julia Cameron discusses some unexpected reasons for how and why creative people stay blocked or stuck. For example, we may unintentionally limit what we can achieve by ruling out an idea as crazy or impossible — when in fact it would be do-able if only we believed it could be possible.

It Takes Work to Succeed
This is not to say that do-able is the same as instant, quick and easy. Cameron carefully explains that we must “work along slowly and gradually, clearing away the wreckage of our negative patterning, clarifying the vision of what it is we want, learning to accept small pieces of that vision from whatever source and then, one day, presto! The vision seems to suddenly be in place. In other words, pray to catch the bus and then run as fast as you can.”

When Effort Meets Abundance
Now, before any bus catching can happen, you have to believe it is okay for you to catch the bus. Guess what. Not only are you allowed to catch it, but there is plenty of room on it for everybody! In other words, there are plenty of seats on that bus and lots of room for you.

Cameron assures us that the universe is ample enough, and God’s plan is generous enough, so that there is more than enough to go around.

Scarcity Thinking is Self Sabotage
There is no reason to worry about scarcity of ideas, friends, lovers, money, meaningful work and certainly no reason to limit your creative flow. When you rely on synchronicity, or the universe, or God as a generous and abundant source, then there is no guilt about tapping into your creative power to run as fast as you can, or about succeeding in catching the bus. There is no reason to sabotage your own effort by self-imposing limits on your dreams and goals!

Take the Next Step: Hop on the Abundance Bus
Do you recognize ways you might be limiting yourself? Which bus do you want to catch? How will you know when you’ve caught it?

I bet you could take at least a micro-step forward today. If not now, when?

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