Creativity Altar and Rituals

by Barbara Martin

in Motivation & Inspiration

Julia Cameron urges us to devise a personal creative haven, complete with an altar to our creativity, plus creativity rituals. This “safe zone” offers a tangible physical connection to our creativity and rituals keep us spiritually centered, grounded, palpably linked to our creativity.

It is important to note that the full title for Julia Cameron’s creativity manual is The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity and in it she does emphasize that creativity is a spiritual experience with your creator, with God, with good orderly direction, or with something else – how ever this relationship works for you is acceptable in her view, as long as there is an essence of connection and faith. So the suggestion of an altar and ritual is really not so unexpected.

Placing the religious or spiritual aspect of the discussion aside for now, I think we would all agree there is a certain resonance to building a quote unquote altar to your creativity and an argument for devising creativity-centered rituals.

A Place for your Creativity

Taking your creativity seriously means making space for it in your life.

Physical space and emotional space are closely intertwined. Where space is devoted in the physical realm, psychic energy will likely follow.

By devoting a prominent place to your creativity, you elevate it in importance. By providing a safe haven for your creativity to develop and grow, you in effect are promising to protect and nurture it. And by honoring your creativity this way, you are also honoring your artist self.

Ritual and Habit

Ritual elevates the mundane to a higher plane, ritual designates significance and meaning.

Too, ritual is a way to encourage habit, and getting into a creative habit is undoubtedly helpful in getting ourselves to move into that sometimes elusive creative trance state where we experience creative flow.

Personal Creativity Altar & Rituals

So what kind of altar do you have? What rituals do you use? What steps do you follow? Do you first make a cup of tea in a special mug? Angle your lamp just so? Meditate? Set your iPod? Take a walk?

How do you help yourself move closer to creating? How do you set the stage or mark the time or place for your creativity?

What small thing could you do to begin to build toward a special place or ritual to honor your creativity?

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Amy September 15, 2009 at 12:57 pm

I really look forward to trying something like this!

Barbara Martin September 17, 2009 at 5:59 pm

Hi Amy! Julia Cameron is such a wise advisor, her suggestions are always worth considering. I hope you find a way that suits you well soon. We all seem to develop our own versions over time. I described one in another post about what I do at coffee shops and it turns out, I am not alone! :)

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