April is for Poetry

by Barbara Martin

in Motivation & Inspiration

Apparently the powers that be have named April National Poetry Month. The nice helpful elves over at The New York Times put together a nifty cheat sheet to help us get our poetry on. The catch is, at least to my mind, that every one of these quick poetry tips and starters depends on you first reading something, from the Times, natch.

Will More Reading Help Your Poetry?

It’s okay to read (well, most of the time anyway, although reading deprivation might be called for once in a while) and heaven knows the newspapers of the world appreciate readership (especially these days!) but somehow I don’t think more reading is the best way to turn yourself into a poet. Do you?

Find Your Poetry Writing Inspiration

Instead, I might suggest you try a new experience and let that stir your muse to describe it in words, maybe through poetry. Or in a song, or in a painting, or you get the idea.

Go DO something. Engage your senses. Excite your mind. PLAY.

In other words, take yourself on an Artist’s Date!

Happy National Poetry Month this April!

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