Set Aside Time to Write

by Barbara Martin

in Writing Daily

Any big writing project, or even a modest writing project (is any writing project modest? I don’t think so!) requires you to sit down and actually write. Finding the time to write is a matter of priority setting and a matter of logistics.

Once you’ve cleaned up your calendar and eliminated any “extra” responsibilities, look for blocks of time you can reserve for your writing. This might be on the weekends, or early mornings, or evenings, or on your lunch hour or instead of ahem screen time. Reserve these writing times on your calendar, in ink.

Make a rule for yourself: Do not make appointments or schedule other activities during these blocks of writing time. This is a form of self discipline, or a mind set, or an attitude of taking your writing seriously.

Some purists insist you write first thing every morning before you do anything else. This assures you put your time in or hit your word count before the day becomes unmanageable, spirals out of control or you become sidetracked.

I am not quite that strict because I think we have individual peak writing times during the day. If possible, schedule yourself to write during your personal peak times.

Most people have trouble finding time to write at all, let alone finding time to write during a preferred creative peak timeframe. So within our busy lives and must-do schedules, we make do with what we CAN set aside.

If you need some ideas on how to find more time in your schedule to write, check these ways to find the time to write every day.

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