Tips from HELLO My Name Is Scott

by Barbara Martin

in Creativity at Work, How to Tips

I love HELLO-my-name-is-Scott the name tag guy. He is over the top energy. His Scott tv cracks me up. And he writes tons of cool lists. He just did one on how to out-creativity your competition.

(Some days, his lists just make me tired.)

Which item on this list is a hot button for you?

Which one could you get to work on right away?

Where could you get a micro-step of action with just a little bit of effort?

Just for today, I think I’ll go with number 3.

Scott asks: Are you letting anybody murder your creative nature? Don’t. Tell those people to piss off. They’re clearly jealous, intimidated or insecure. Creativity is YOURS.

Whoa boy. Sound familiar? Reminds me of those doubters, the poisonous friends and toxic buddies we were talking about the other day.

Next up: the crazy makers! Stay tuned.

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