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by Barbara Martin

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To encourage writers participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I started writing The Daily Writer Notes, sending out an encouraging little email each morning.  The series sure kept me writing at least a little something every single day!  I enjoyed writing these so much that I’ve decided to keep on writing them every day for another month.
You can subscribe to the notes any time during the month of December 2009. I can’t promise they will continue past the end of the year, so get ’em while they’re hot!
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Sample Note (Atypical)
Here is an atypical sample (is that an oxymoron?) — atypical because it is long and not as cryptic as usual. But the spirit of encouragement is just as strong behind every note I send. Because I want writers to feel supported and worthy and honored and respected. Because being a writer is lonely work and hard, and writing is not easy. Except of course when the words flow out of your fingers like magic and all is so perfect with the world! Whatever. Check this out, subscribe if you want to. The subscribe link is repeated at the bottom of the note.
Sent November 30, 2009: 
Here’s your Daily Writer Note from Barbara@Reptitude.com
This is a super long note, but this is a special day.
This is a celebration day. Writing is hard work, even when it flows. By setting out to write every day, you dared yourself to be a writer, to put words on the page, to set your creativity in motion. You’ve demonstrated raw courage by considering it might be possible.
There is some meat here in the concept of nothing ventured, nothing gained. Regardless of word count, readability, artistry, publishability or any other measure you care to dredge up, if you wrote ANY words on the page this past month, then you should be proud of your effort.
If you managed to write something/anything during the past month, that is more than you would have written if you hadn’t tried at all. This is a huge accomplishment. Find encouragement in that and build on it.
If you managed to write a little bit quite often, or a whole lot in a couple of long sittings, pushing toward that regular writing habit or practice, that is a huge accomplishment. Find a rhythm that works for you and press on.
If you’ve been hard at it every day, that is a huge accomplishment and you are a trouper’s trouper working through a solid daily routine of showing up right there on the page. Keep on keeping on with your writing practice. That’s “all” it takes and you know it.
During the past month, you may have excavated deep into inner resources you didn’t know you had. You may have come to terms with limitations and revised your goal to something more realistic than an arbitrarily set “stretch” goal. Perhaps you discovered a new sense of flexibility about how it is indeed possible to fit a daily writing practice into your life. Maybe you took to it like a released fish takes to open water and haven’t looked back. Every writer sets their own pace.
Words. Time. Mental Energy. Stuckness. Flow. Heart. Is it Love in action when you write? Whatever it has meant for you, I want to acknowledge all that you have put in during the past 30 days. You should honor and respect that work, too.
Most people never write anything. Most never dare to try. Celebrate your milestone!
What is possible from here?
Here’s to writing every day! Barbara
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SUBSCRIBE to The Daily Writer Notes (it’s free) at

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