Simple Daily Changes to Increase Creativity

by Barbara Martin

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Listed below are a few deceptively simple ways to implement small incremental changes to help you become accustomed to generating fresh thought patterns and building creative momentum.

Changing routine habits helps develop and strengthen your creativity “muscle”. As your mind becomes accustomed to processing change and filtering experiences through different perspectives, it also becomes increasingly adept at generating fresh new thoughts. This enhances your creativity organically, in a pleasant and easy way. (More on small daily changes and increasing creativity the easy way.)

Simple Instructions
Print out the list. Do at least ten of these in any order over the course of three weeks – twenty one days. Mark off each item as you complete it. Add new items to the list as they occur to you. Make the changes you think you will enjoy the most. Keep it simple, enjoyable, and fun.

Easy and Enjoyable Ways to Increase Creative Thinking:


Make a small improvement to a minor item you use every day (eg your key ring)
Park your car in a different place or in a different way
Make a small improvement to your work space
Experiment with new routes to work or other frequent destination
Watch a movie you ordinarily would not
Try a new toothpaste, hand soap or shampoo
Make a small improvement to your living space
Eat something new or different for breakfast or lunch or snack each day
Make a small improvement to your car interior
Rearrange those kitchen tools or small appliances you use daily
Experiment with new flavors for your daily coffee/tea/soft drink
Make a small improvement to your computer bag/briefcase, messenger bag, gym bag, or purse
Attentively read a magazine outside your normal choices
Make a small improvement to your clothing
Add a solitary fifteen minute outdoor walk to your daily routine
Listen to a cd chosen for someone else
Short sheet your bed
Add your own small change ideas here

I hope you try this. After three weeks of making these apparently small and enjoyable changes, stop and reflect. How has it affected you? You might find it entertaining and rewarding enough to keep going, adding to your own personal list. That would be so awesome! Please let me know how it works for you and what your favorites are.

update — here’s how my silly creativity enhancing experiment turned out!

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