Lower the Bar to Get Started

by Barbara Martin

in How to Tips, Try This

Do you allow your perceived limitations to stop you from starting? I do it, all the time.

The other day I had an absolute bolt of inspiration about how to begin the first of  a series of recordings I have been wanting to create for about two years. I have had the tools to make terrific audio recordings all along, but they are packed away somewhere. Waiting until I feel motivated to search through the unlabeled boxes in umpteen closets for the equipment is a recipe for waiting until, I dunno, maybe 2015 to do any recording at all. Apparently.

But the material that came to mind felt so right that I wanted to make the initial recording no matter what. So that’s what I did.

Imagine the scenario. Available technology: walk-in closet, cell phone, free conference line. ohmy. the “good mic” and recorder are packed away, I don’t know where…. so I used what I had instead of chickening out.

LOL YAY ME. How silly is that?

“Chickening out”  is seekrit code for letting fear get the best of me. And not being “able” to find all the recording equipment, that’s a delay tactic for sure.

Why was this time different? Maybe the fun factor (ie power of the idea) made the fear seem less important. Maybe I just decided being all “yeah-but” about it was no longer how I chose to feel. Maybe the call to improvise made it seem like a game, less like a big undertaking where success is A) paramount and B) a foregone lost cause.

In other words, I decided to do it regardless of the imperfection. I lowered the bar.

And I’ll share it with you in all its glorious imperfection on Tuesday! And the next one will be better than this one, and the next after that, and so on.

Take-away Thought to Ponder:

What could YOU slap together   create in a  quick and dirty   “good enough for now”  way instead of … ducking out?

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