How to Find Time to Create

by Barbara Martin

in How to Tips

Many of us must struggle to find time to work on our creative projects, be it writing, painting or making the music we love. Intellectually, we recognize it’s best to work regularly, to follow a routine of steady work. This helps keep our skills sharp and stay in that productive and satisfying creative groove. Here are a few tips to help you grab those elusive minutes you need.

Take a look at your daily routine. Is there a way to schedule time for your creativity? Can you get up a half hour earlier and do your creative work first thing in the day? Work through lunch and bank your lunch hour for creative projects? Save twenty minutes by skipping the Starbucks line?

Take a look at how you spend unstructured time. Can you skip a television show and do your work instead? How about your web surfing – can you spend a half hour on a creative project before connecting to the internet? How much time do you spend chatting on the phone? Cruising the mall?

Look at your travel and commuting patterns. Can you consolidate trips to save time better spent creating? If you adjust your commuting departure time by leaving earlier or later, can you reduce the time you spend in traffic to free up time to create?

Where can you carve out five minutes? Five minutes twice a day adds up to …over an hour a week. Can you pick up thirty minutes a day for your creativity? That’s the equivalent of three and a half hours a week!

Little bits add up! If not now, when?

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