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by Barbara Martin

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In week three of the creativity program outlined in The Artist’s Way, author Julia Cameron encourages recovering or emerging creatives to discover a sense of power. One of the sources for that power is anger.

How Angry Are You?

You might not think you are angry at all. I certainly didn’t realize how angry I was until I stopped to think about this for a bit. Creative people who suffer from being blocked tend to harbor, whether deep down or near the surface, a certain amount of anger — and frustration and yes pain, too — about their situation. We can use this anger to propel us forward, fueling our journey and setting our creative passion on fire.

Use Anger as Creative Energy

According to Cameron, anger is actually a loyal friend, closely allied with our creative dreams: “It will always tell us when we have betrayed ourselves. It will always tell us that it is time to act in our own best interests…. Anger is not the action itself. It is action’s invitation.”

So what do you make of that? If you feel anger, could that feeling be a sign that it is time to make some changes? By paying attention to where your anger is focused, you might identify a direction where you need to make a move, whether it is a small step or a large one. Even a small step begins to channel the anger into a positive energy.

How to Leverage Anger into Action

For example, is there a skill you need to learn to enable yourself to eventually begin the work or do the project your anger signals is important to you? How could you harness that anger/frustration/howling feeling and direct its energy in a constructive way?

If your anger shows you a direction, you know you must take action. What could you do today, even a small step, what micro-action, can you take to move your creativity forward today?

How Serious Are You?

Ask yourself this: Are you taking your creativity seriously enough to do the work, to take the action required to bring it to life? Let your anger help you!

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