Creativity Help from Coaching the Artist Within

by Barbara Martin

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Recent Reptitude posts examined some of the ideas, exercises and techniques psychologist and creativity expert Eric Maisel presents in his self-taught creativity course or creativity manual, Coaching the Artist Within. You might find these posts useful as a companion to the book or as self-review tools, or as reminders to help you stay on track during your creative journey. If these posts look interesting to you, you might want to pick up a copy of the
book for more in-depth understanding and a more thorough look at what Maisel recommends. (He has written several additional books on Creativity and the many issues creative people routinely face.)

Here is a summary list of what I covered from Coaching the Artist Within, roughly in the same order as addressed in the book.

Posts Referencing Eric Maisel’s creativity book, Coaching the Artist Within

Self Coaching for Creative People

Honest, One to One Self Talk

Making Meaning with Passion and Intensity

Do You Talk Yourself into being Creatively Blocked?

Affirmations Help Improve Creativity

Is Your Thought Pattern Dualistic or Holistic?

The Mental Energy Needed to Be Creative

Creativity, Mania and Obsession — Good or Bad?

Why Are You Waiting to Create?

Habits We Have to Avoid Creating

Easier Way to Better Creating

Get Centered and Free Yourself to Create

Understand the Creative Process

Achieve Your Creative Dream Now

How to Stop Your Inner Perfectionist

Is Your Anxiety Rational, or Irrational?

What is Creative Anxiety?

Anxiety Control Exercise

How to Plan and Follow Through with Your Creative Work

When Your Creative Dreams Face Reality

How to Organize Your Creative Life

Making Meaning as a Way of Life

Foundation Rules for Passionately Making Meaning

To buy a copy of Coaching the Artist Within, here’s a handy link.

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