Anxiety, Self Talk and Creative Blocks

by Barbara Martin

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In his creativity book Coaching the Artist Within, Eric Maisel insists we need to get a grip on our mind, take charge of our own self talk. We talk to ourselves all the time, and all too often what we are saying in our self-talk is not helpful. We talk ourselves out of creating, out of taking action, out of whatever uncomfortable thing we are facing at the moment. And then we get into the habit of conning ourselves and so we end up anxiously “not doing” and not creating — becoming blocked — too much of the time!

For instance, observe which excuse ,time-waster, doubt, anxiety cover-up you are inflicting on yourself today? How do your thoughts really serve you? Read on for a few devious examples.

Eleven Tricky Thoughts to Hide Anxiety
Maisel identifies eleven different ways we might use words to hide our anxiety about creating:

    I’m not ready
    I don’t feel like it
    I don’t feel well
    I can’t think straight
    I can’t do it
    I don’t know what to say
    I can’t see the point
    It feels too difficult
    What’s happening here?!
    I’d do better with…
    Yes, but

Do you ever say these kinds of things to yourself? I sure do. I have my own version(s) of every single one of these. I can get myself thoroughly, solidly blocked in no time flat using these.

I bet you do it, too. Which one is your go-to favorite? Do you truly believe these thoughts — or are they habitual excuses?

Are You Aware of this Self Sabotage?
We need to become aware of our thought patterns and understand what they really mean. If we learn to recognize what we are thinking for what it really is, and realize how these thoughts take up our time or lead to self-doubt or make us anxious, then we can stop this self-sabotage and blocking in its tracks. Knowledge is power! More on how to do that next time — see post on Eric Maisel’s Suggested Affirmations for Creative People.

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