Vibe by Design Supports Creativity

by Barbara Martin

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I am convinced we are both overtly and subtly influenced by the space we are in, including our work place. We need what works best for us so we can feel ‘right’ and do our best creative work. Vibe is important!

How Sense of Place Influences Creativity
During years of designing landscapes and gardens, I learned to be aware of our surroundings in special ways – practical, functional features to facilitate and maximize full use of the space; being alert to instinctive concerns about safety, security and privacy; always looking for sensory enhancements beyond the basics of just looking pretty. Although to some extent I believe form should follow function, I think form can lead function in a positive way, too.

How Quirky is Your Space?
We are all individuals with individual needs, maybe even eccentric about what atmosphere works well for us. For instance, when I work at home I have to be alone. I like it quiet. No music, no interruptions.

I want the general environment clean and fairly tidy – I find a huge mess is claustrophobic. Like mental pandemonium.

Then I clear my immediate working space and arrange my tools so I can grab them on autopilot. Stopping to hunt around for a tool breaks my train of thought — or would that be trance?

Clean Desk, Empty Mind?!
Beyond the utilitarian easy-to-reach tools aspect, I like my desk to be a comfortably, familiarly messy place. I want to be surrounded by a richness of visuals that please or energize or fascinate or confuse or amuse me. You might call these stimulating playthings, or toys.

Safe and Supportive Creative Space
I prefer a tiny, cozy space that holds and protects me like a cradling pair of hands: I basically want a custom fitted bespoke cave with a nice seasonal window view and filled with my favorite eye candy kibble. With a contented cat snoozing in the corner.

Improve Your Creativity by Design
What kind of vibe, what kind of creative work space environment or mood would support your creativity and help you create better, more easily, and more consistently?

Try some of these space and design-based suggestions to ease and improve your creativity.

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