The Secret to Achieving Your Creative Dream

by Barbara Martin

in Creativity, How to Tips, Motivation & Inspiration

Although many artists, writers and other creative types talk about “the creative process” as though there is only one, we can actually work with a goal-less process or with a goal-oriented process. Eric Maisel highlights this critical distinction in his creativity manual, Coaching the Artist Within. Working without a goal is way easier. It’s also a great way to evade taking responsibility for your results.

Goal-Less or Goal-Oriented Process
People who work with a goal-less process tend to be fatalistic, satisfied to passively “honor the process” and take whatever results they might happen to get — or not get.

In contrast, those who work with a goal-oriented process understand that taking the steps required to achieve a goal is how you will accomplish what you set out to accomplish, how you are able to “manifest your potential and do the creative work you’ve always dreamed of accomplishing.” Ouch.

How do YOU Cultivate Your Creative Efforts?
Maisel uses the analogy of a vegetable garden. Either you plant and weed and reap what you sow, or you sit back and let nature take over — and go hungry.

“Both approaches are of course “part of the process,” but they are parts of different processes, only one of which serves you.”

I guess maybe that’s not really a secret, is it.

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