Synchronicity Threat or Promise

by Barbara Martin

in Creativity, Motivation & Inspiration

Julia Cameron is a firm proponent of Synchronicity and she discusses it at length in the third chapter of her creativity book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, in the context of a creative person recovering a sense of power. According to Cameron, synchronicity is a source of power whether you believe in “the hand of God” or “answered prayers” or “an intelligent and responsive universe” or perhaps “the will of Providence” … but in any case she firmly believes there is a specific response to your expectation, or to your belief, that what you have dreamed of is, in fact, possible.

So when a fortuitous coincidence or lucky break or whatever we opt to call it happens, what is that?

Cameron asserts these happy accidents demonstrate “the hand of God, or good, activated by our own hand when we act in behalf of our truest dreams, when we commit to our own soul” — and points out that if we don’t recognize it as synchronicity then we are discounting a powerful force.

And of course, she mentions C.G. Jung whose “inner leadings brought him to experience and describe a phenomenon that some of us prefer to ignore: the possibility of an intelligent and responsive universe, acting and reacting in our interests.”

In this spirit, she quotes Goethe:

“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it.”

Good blogger that I am, I headed off to Wikipedia to check out synchronicity. (Give it a whirl and spin your mind real quick! Remember to come back, tho.)

The logical part of me contends that if we are more aware and attuned to a certain project then we will notice related information accordingly simply because it is on our radar. Too, undoubtedly doing some preparation means you will be ready when the opportunity arises and may even be looking in the right places for that opportunity. The less logical part of me says wouldn’t it be wonderful if “unseen hands” really did support us in our dreams?

How about this scenario: You were paying attention to or interested in doing x, and when such and such related to x came up, you took the opportunity. Now, you tell me. Did the opportunity come up because you were open to it, implying causality?

Julia Cameron points out that it can be scary to think that you are responsible for these kinds of fortuitous events. Because if you can dream it, then it can really happen. Are you that courageous?

Have you experienced synchronicity lately?

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