Principles for Passionate Living

by Barbara Martin

in Creativity, Creativity at Work, How to Tips

Creative people, people in the arts, and people who live a passion-driven life of making meaning can all benefit from the following guidelines to living as enumerated by Eric Maisel in his self-improvement creativity manual, Coaching the Artist Within.

    Know your game – your creative field, how it works, what is expected, and how to maneuver in it
    Learn from experience; study/practice/train so you are sufficiently skilled and knowledgeable

    Psyche yourself up, stay motivated, stoke your passion
    Get on your own side, be your own best supporter
    Keep dreaming yet stay real, balance the two
    Be strategic so you are pro-active in coping with the inevitable ups and downs
    Plan and follow through on those plans, monitor your creative journey
    Be compassionate but honest with yourself so you know when you need a hug, and when to give yourself a swift kick in the pants
    Take responsibility for your creativity because nobody else can do that for you
    Honor the process, honor your goals, consciously balance the two

In sum, always be ready, willing and able to address the meaning issues that arise so you can maintain, and if necessary, restore a sense of meaning and passion to your creative life.

What would you add to this list to make it personal for yourself?

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