Develop Your Creativity Now

by Barbara Martin

in Creativity

Give Your Creative Self a Boost!

What’s your most important creative New Year’s Resolution? If you’ve been thinking about adding more creativity to your life, or are a creative type hoping to be more inventive, innovative and creative than ever this year, or if you are an artist, writer, musician or actor and want to push your creativity to the next level, or if you have a creative career and want to market yourself more effectively, this is the time for you to step it up and get yourself some seriously powerful Reptitude!

Unleashing your creativity and doing steady creative work throughout the year can be tough to accomplish whether you go it alone or with a group of like-minded friends, or even with the support you can get from a creativity coach.  That’s why we all need to develop a strong, solid, empowering sense of Reptitude. Reptitude is what we creative types need to keep moving forward, taking the right steps to nourish and enhance our creativity, and ultimately get the results we deserve and want to achieve.

Please join me in exploring the many facets of Reptitude for creative people: how we create, how we work, how we play, where we find our inspiration, how we can keep ourselves creating through thick and thin, day in and day out. In short, what it takes to build a successful and rewarding creativity practice, whether we work as professional artists or as budding amateurs.

Whether seasoned pro’s or neophytes testing the water, we all need encouragement and positive support and a little bit of that je ne sais quois. Let’s just call that last bit “Reptitude” for short.

How’s your Reptitude?

What do you need to get your creativity going and keep up the pace of your creative life? What does it take? Each of us is an individual with our own quirks, foibles, frustrations, despairs, our own unique hot buttons for passion about our work, personal sources of creative joy and excitement. How do you find your groove?  And if not now, when?

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