Artists Way Nurtures Creativity

by Barbara Martin

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If you need a little helping hand or boost to improve your creativity, you might want to consider getting some support through The Artist’s Way or a similar creativity workshop, group or course.

The reason I’m asking right now is that toward the end of January it seems like new year’s resolutions start falling like hailstones — dropping straight down to a cold hard end and melting into sad little puddles. Case in point, the local gym was super crowded the first week, a little less in week two, and almost back to normal now. Just like all the people who play tennis for a week after the US Open. Anyhoo, if you are hoping to jump start your creativity for the new year, and your hopes and dreams are starting to drag, drop and threaten to disappear, take heart, it’s not too late! (Until the end of the 31st, January is still the beginning of the year in my book!!!)

Creativity Support Group: The Artist’s Way Course

If you are having trouble, might be a good time to hop on board with a creativity program or class or support group to get a little leg up on staying on track.

The Artist’s Way workshops, based on the book by Julia Cameron, tend to work well for folks who get with the program and stick with it over the full ten weeks. In fact, I have known people to come back and repeat the course years later because they found it so helpful! I mention this one specifically because it is the most well known program and it follows a specific course as outlined in the book. And, I’ve been posting about some of Julia Cameron’s methods for supporting and encouraging creativity here at Reptitude because I think you may find them helpful.

Going By The Artist’s Way Book

The course or workshop series is based on The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron; she developed the book based on workshops and courses she taught and the description on the cover says: “A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self”.

You could certainly buy the book and work along on your own, but I think it is easier to work through the process along with a buddy or two or three. Better yet, join a group or form a group of your own. (There are suggestions on how to do that at the back of the book.)

The group experience is worthwhile in that you can learn so much from hearing about other people’s experiences and impressions and hopes and fears and successes and practical advice and sense of community and connection and support. Many people stay in touch once the course is completed.

This is a rewarding course, but it’s not an easy workout. Having a group framework and structure can be very helpful in staying on track, keeping motivated, and staying committed to the process.

The Artist’s Way On Line or In Person?

Some people are happy to work through an Artist’s Way course virtually (meaning on-line) while others prefer to attend a face to face, real-life, show up and meet in a room kind of set-up.

What do you think would work best for you? Have you tried a long-distance group? How did it work out for you?

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