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by Barbara Martin

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Here is a summary listing of posts I have written here at Reptitude specifically related to The Artist’s Way, meaning the book and the creativity study program. The posts generally follow the same order of topics as they are mentioned in Julia Cameron’s famous creativity manual, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. Although I have touched on many different aspects of creativity and creative blocks in these posts, the book itself, as you might expect, is far more thorough and detailed and brings up many more facets of understanding and enhancing creativity.

To gain the full benefit of the Artist’s Way program you would definitely want to read the book and work through at least some of the tasks or exercises listed at the end of each chapter. That said, you might wish to follow along here as you read the book, using the posts as an additional information resource on this exciting, powerful creative journey. I wish you “Bon Voyage!” as you embark on this fascinating (and demanding) “Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self”.

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Why We Write Morning Pages by Hand

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When Your Friends Cause You to Doubt Yourself

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Jump Start Your Creativity!

How Synchronicity Could Help You Create

Ways to Deal with Critics and Criticism

The Dreaded Reading Deprivation Week (Media Too!)

Do Self-Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back from Being Creative?

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Is Your Creativity Worth It? Thoughts about Money and Luxury

Getting into the State of Creative Flow

How Perfectionists Are Creatively Blocked

Are You Willing and Ready and Able to Take Creative Risks?

The True Deep Anguish of Artistic Pain and Loss

Putting Loss to Good Use: Enhanced Creativity through Grief or Anger

I’m Already Just Too Old to Be Creative!

Being Creative Requires Action, One Step at a Time

Is this You: Lazy Procrastinator! — Or Are You Too Scared to Create?

When Hesitation Becomes a Full Creative U Turn

Ways to Get Through Creative Blocking

Are You Addicted to Being Creatively Blocked?

When Over-Worked is Really A Creative Block in Action

Use Your Senses to Improve Your Creative Work Place

Develop Your Personal Creativity Rituals and Erect Customize A Creativity Alter

Physical Exercise: Workouts Benefit the Body AND Stimulate Creativity

The Artist’s Way as Creativity – Faith Connection

I’ll try to keep this list up to date with any additional Reptitude posts featuring Julia Cameron’s book/program The Artist’s Way. In the meantime, I hope these are helpful to you as you strive to nurture, encourage and develop your inner artist and I’d love to hear how you are doing!

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