Gleaming Helix on the Persian Gulf

by Barbara Martin

in Creative Juice

Just for a little Friday fun, take a look at these fantabulous images of the vertical spiral of the Helix Hotel on the Persian Gulf in where but Abu Dhabi. The description of how the sun, wind and ocean water interact with the building by design (Leeser Architects) is interesting, too. I love the 4th and 5th photos. Funny how it looks so cold in the pictures. Practical side of me says, “All that white, all those windows and shiny surfaces, one heckuva cleaning services contract!” Flipside, not much plant or landscape maintenance needed — inside or out.Feast your eyes!

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Goddess Leonie | April 11, 2009 at 7:12 pm

Oh my goshness. That is INCREDIBLE.
wow wow wow!
thank you so much for sharing that!

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