Art in Landscape Design

by Barbara Martin

in Creative Juice

Although I live on the west coast I seem to be having a New York centric day — second post today based on a New York publication. Yikes. The New York Times ran a great piece on Roberto Burle Marx. He is famous in landscape architecture circles and his work is among my personal favorites, in part for the pioneering sustainable approach he used and in part for the fantabulous plants he specified (he worked in Brazil! the man used crazy foliage!) and in part for his bold designs.

If you have ever wondered if landscape design could be considered an art form, you need to take a look at some of his work. I have a bias here, having designed many gardens for myself and others over the years. For me, imagining a well designed garden space or landscape is similar to creating a three dimensional sculpture along with the added ingredient of never-ending change over time what with the seasons and growth of the plants and aging of the hardscape. Whatever.

The other interesting thing about Roberto Burle Marx is his artistic work was not limited to garden design, not by a long shot.

In honor of what would be his 100th birthday, see if you think Roberto Burle Marx was a creative genius, or not.


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