Coaching Sessions and Rates

What it’s Like to Coach with Me:

Coaching is collaborative. We work together to explore what is holding you back and brainstorm ways to move you forward on a path that is exciting and right  for you.  I don’t assign homework (what you do or don’t do between sessions is up to you!)  and I would never scold you or make you feel less than enough. (Hint: please don’t talk to yourself that way, either.) It’s tough to be creating something new — and my goal is to support you in any way I can. So you gain the confidence, clarity and skills to move yourself forward.

It’s serious business, coaching, but on the other hand, you should be warned that I’ve been known to laugh so hard during a call that I drop the phone. I have clunked the keyboard with my coffee cup and rattled Skype, too. Doing what we do should be fun, otherwise what’s the point?

Oh, did I mention I am an introvert and a fairly thoughtful person? Yes, sometimes there are pauses in our talk so I can stop and think and collect my thoughts. You can do that, too. Or pause to pour yourself another cup of tea. Flipside, sometimes we both get to firing on all cylinders and the talk is fast and the ideas fly. Yay!

The other thing you absolutely must know is that I keep everything we talk about utterly confidential. Nobody will hear about it from me. Not. One. Word. (If you want to talk about it, that’s fine.)

A little about me, beyond what you’ve read on the blog, in case you are wondering.

I have been a writer and a creator all my life. I’ve trained as a creativity coach (realizing in the process that I myself have been a frustrated studio artist, and not “just” a writer). I’ve raised a professional child actor (now in college), which showed me yet another side of living a creative life.

Explicitly creative endeavors such as art and writing as well as trying to make a business out of your creativity all bring up a range of individual issues including  fears, doubts, insecurities, second thoughts, misgivings and did I say fears? — at the same time that it demands a lot of (quote, unquote) left-brained, logical, analytical, linear thinking in addition to the sheer creativity-is-like-herding-cats aspect of life.

In the spiraling process of circling back to art and writing in one way, shape, or form over the years, I picked up an MBA (undergrad degree in International Relations/French) plus certifications as Laughter Yoga Leader and in Public Relations and etc — I love learning.  I’ve been a garden designer in solo practice and as a freelancer.  My husband and I once owned an antiques business.  All of which is to say, eclectic life exprience, skills and training.  Some might consider this a “Renaissance person” approach to life.  Those familiar with Barbara Sher’s writing would recognize me as a Scanner.

What I Ask of You:

I would be honored to be your sounding board and coach. I ask that you be dedicated to the process and be open to change.

I expect you to be honest with yourself (and with me), to make a good-faith effort between our calls, and take our working relationship as seriously as I do.


Coaching is one-on-one by Skype or phone.  Sessions are paid via Paypal, in advance, prior to scheduling.

Single Session (50-60 minutes): $100
Four-Session Package: $350

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