It’s time: Live your best creative life!

Imagine yourself being consistently creative, working along on your projects with enthusiasm and ease. How great would that feel!

If you are experiencing difficulties or doubts in your creative work or in making a living through your creativity, suffering from problems like procrastination, overwhelm, or indecision, you may be ready for coaching. If  you are ready to give up on wishful thinking and excuses, if you are ready to take an honest look at your creative life and truly want to make some changes, then coaching may be right for you.  It’s a big investment in yourself, and in your creativity. And totally worth it. I want you to make the best choice for yourself and hope this page will help you make the right decision in selecting — or not selecting — me as your coach. Use the contact form  below to get in touch and ask me any questions you may have. 

Coaching Is …

Coaching is collaborative. We address what is important and pressing in your world, not mine. There is no pre-set agenda, so everything we talk about is individual and personal to you. We work together to explore what is holding you back so you can make perspective-changing shifts. If strategies and tactics are appropriate, we will brainstorm ways to move you forward on a path that is right for you.  It’s tough to live a life where you are always walking along the edge of your comfort zone and struggling to create something new. With some support and encouragement, you will gain the clarity, confidence, and skills to move yourself forward consistently.

To take full advantage of coaching, you must be willing to observe and examine your beliefs, thoughts, and  habits; you must be willing to test drive new perspectives and approaches.  Through my training and years of coaching, I am familiar with a wide array of methods, approaches and techniques.  But be assured, if something doesn’t work for you, there is no scolding or nagging. (Hint: please don’t talk to yourself that way, either.)  Instead, we’ll learn from that and then try something else so we discover what does work for you. 

It’s serious business, coaching, but I’ve been known to laugh so hard during a call that I drop the phone. I’ve rattled Skype by clunking the keyboard with my coffee cup, too.  In other words, it’s personal and intimate and honest and real. This is a private joint venture between the two of us where we collude to enhance your creative experience, get you moving towards your goals, and set you up to succeed on your own terms. And if you are not totally sure what your goal is at the moment, we can clarify that, too.

Coaching with  me is a thoughtful process. I am an introvert. Sometimes there are momentary pauses in our talk while I collect my thoughts. You can pause, too. Pause to think, take notes, or pour yourself another cup of tea. Flipside, sometimes we both get to firing on all cylinders and the talk is fast and the ideas fly. Yay! (Introverts can be quite talkative, once we get to know you.)

It’s an honor to be your confidential and trusted sounding board. I keep everything we talk about utterly confidential. Nobody will hear about it from me. Not. One. Word. (If you want to talk about it, that’s fine.)

Ready to get started? Great! Use the handy dandy contact box below to get in touch.

A little about me, beyond what you’ve read on the blog.

I’ve trained extensively with Eric Maisel and am certified as a creativity coach, realizing in the process that I myself had actually been a frustrated artist, and not “just” a writer. My sister is a poet.  I’ve raised a professional child actor, showing me yet another side of living a creative life.

I was always a good student, and tried to do what was expected of me.  For a long time I struggled to fit into the wrong shoes. For example, I went to business school and earned an MBA instead of studying art.  For a while, I tried to fit in as a “suit” and was miserable.  After ditching the corporate life,  I eventually became a garden designer. (Nature-sculpting in four dimensions — height, width, depth and time!) 

In the spiraling process of circling back again and again to art and writing in one way, shape, or form over the years, I have experienced first hand how such explicitly creative endeavors such as art and writing and building your own business based on your creativity can be both contrary and necessary, both challenging and exhilarating, how such a life can seem impossible to achieve and yet be as vital as breathing. 

As a creative person, I too have faced (and continue to face) those same feelings of confusion, doubt, insecurity, second thoughts, and even fears that all creative people recognize.  I live for those times when I hit that elusive flow state, where creativity thrives and time stands still. You could say I am addicted to it.

As much as I aspire to that sometimes elusive but always joyful, satisfying creative work — I am fortunate in having a knack for laser-like focus and analysis, an ability to wield that (quote, unquote) left-brained, logical, linear thinking in addition to celebrating the sheer creativity-is-like-herding-cats aspect of life. Combine that with a commitment to life-long learning and a love for travel, and you’ve assembled the skillset and life experience I draw on during coaching. 

What You Bring to Coaching:

You’ll need to be honest with yourself, and with me. For best results, you must commit to the process and be open and willing to make changes in yourself and in your life. In other words, coaching is not a substitute for doing the work. If you’ve read this far, you are probably ready for coaching.




During your sesson, you get my undivided attention. (My private coaching practice is small so I stay energized.)

Coaching is one-on-one by Skype (audio) or phone.  Payment is due in advance  through Paypal or by credit card.

Single Session (an hour): $125.  Multi-session Packages are available.

Guarantee: If during our first coaching call our mind meld does not feel right for you, I will immediately refund your payment. No regrets, no hard feelings.

Ready to get started?  Use the form below to let me know and/or ask any questions.  I’ll send  a pre-coaching screening worksheet for you to complete (don’t worry, there’s no way you can do it wrong) before our first call, along with payment and scheduling details. We will also schedule a brief introductory call to make sure we are a good match.  

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