The Artist Label

by Barbara Martin

in Barbara Martin, Try This

Sometimes it takes us a while to realize who we are, what we really want to be doing, where we want to be. To some extent there is an inevitable evolution as we age and mature, gain experience and awareness, and of course, make our share of mistakes and mis-steps and false starts and misguided attempts.  […]

I recently wrote a guest post for Connie Hozvicka over at Dirty Footprints Studio.  In it, I mention a painting I did of a labyrinth. Here it is.  My husband and I actually stomped a huge labyrinth in the snow once.  Diameter might have been sixty feet or so.  I sketched it on a paper […]

Let’s art it up a little, shall we? You won’t believe what I cooked up recently. This little number went to a good cause: the #twitterartexhibit project in Norway, organized by David Sandum. The exhibit consists entirely of hand painted (ahem or otherwise arted) postcard size pieces of art by artists around the globe. Even […]

One of my current areas of creative interest is art journaling.  Here is an interview I did for the 31st day of the 30 Art Journals in 30 Days project out of Dirty Footprints Studio.  Artist, teacher and instigator extraordinaire Connie Hozvicka asked: •How long have you been Art Journaling? A couple of months — since I […]