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postcard for #twitterartexhibit Norway

My postcard for the 2010 #twitterartexhibit in Norway.

Let’s art it up a little, shall we? You won’t believe what I cooked up recently.

This little number went to a good cause: the #twitterartexhibit project in Norway, organized by David Sandum. The exhibit consists entirely of hand painted (ahem or otherwise arted) postcard size pieces of art by artists around the globe. Even more cool than that, it was organized via Twitter!

David Sandum has done a fabulous job of recruiting artists and following through on arrangements for the display and for publicity and so on.  I think it turned into a much bigger job than he originally envisioned. So again, thank you David Sandum, fine artist!

I mailed my card in October. It arrived safe and sound, and I can recognize the envelope in one of the photos* David posted showing the cards piling up on his kitchen table. Very fun!

Seriously, though, what a great idea for a fundraiser. I am always happy to help out a children’s library.  If we don’t get our kids to enjoy reading, who will read what we write??

Here’s another view of the piece I created for this wonderful exhibit.  It’s  in my oven because I  live in the Pacific Northwest and it is the rainy season  and I wanted to be certain the glue was completely dry before packing up the postcard to mail to Norway.   It worked out great as a drying cupboard, but it seemed a little too hot at first and I was concerned that the oven rack might scorch the paper — so I grabbed the closest potholder. 

paper ephemera collage postcard

"Or Nothing at All" seemed just right for a Twitter based postcard.

I hope you enjoyed this quick peek into my oven. In a way, it reminds me of the expression of not wanting to know what goes on inside the sausage factory — you just want to enjoy the sausage.  Well, regardless, please rest assured there’s more in the pipeline. I have some very exciting things planned for Reptitude in 2011.

*Photos of the #Twitterartexhibit opening! Yes, my card is there, you can see the red and green-ness popping out clearly on image 14 of the set.


Kym December 3, 2010 at 10:17 pm

Nice piece of art for the Norway project! I love how different they all are. They are going to LOVE it!

Barbara Martin December 3, 2010 at 10:26 pm

Hohoho Kim! Thank you for taking a look.

You sent in a nice piece of art yourself!

And yes, it seemed to spiral into a big production for David. It is truly amazing how different they ALL are — and how many people sent things in!

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