The Artist Label

by Barbara Martin

in Barbara Martin, Try This

Sometimes it takes us a while to realize who we are, what we really want to be doing, where we want to be. To some extent there is an inevitable evolution as we age and mature, gain experience and awareness, and of course, make our share of mistakes and mis-steps and false starts and misguided attempts.  And, to some extent — yes, I am hedging here, I am warming up to this, but also, I am done holding my breath and trying to fight what is and should be. There comes a time when we need to put our foot down and make our declarations with conviction.  Yes?

So today I claim the title “artist” for myself. You could do that too, if you want to and you haven’t already. When it comes to labeling yourself, you get to call the shots! 

Feels good to get that off my chest.  And yet, I am the same person I was before I typed that. Of course.

What do you need to say out loud?

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