Prepare for Mercury Retrograde and Beyond

by Barbara Martin

in art career

Today in my email I came across the following:

“MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE NOVEMBER 6th….when a planet goes retrograde, it exerts a negative influence in the
areas of life that it rules. Mercury is the planet of time,
communication, and commerce. …for 3 weeks, these areas will
be out of balance, and chaos abounds. Computers break down, everything
and everybody is late, miscommunications… are causing
upsets, and Murphy’s Law is in effect, when anything that can go wrong
will.  But take heart! Awareness and preparation is [sic] the key to
thriving during a time of unpredictability and uncertainty….” 

Just sayin’. :)

It occurs to me that the part about how thriving requires some awareness and preparation is true regardless of where Mercury may or may not be in the retrograde track.  Sort of like how luck can be a case of opportunity meets preparation.

So I am rethinking my protestations about being on Facebook. My question now is do I set up there under my own name or the Reptitude name. Thoughts?

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In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology—so all of these areas go haywire for about three weeks.

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